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Frequently Asked Questions

For Care Recipients

Am I responsible for hiring and firing a Care Provider?

Yes, you are the employer. If you need assistance with this, please let your Social Worker know. The Public Authority does not hire or recommend Care Providers; we only serve as a referral service.

How can I enroll to receive IHSS services?

You must first call the IHSS intake hotline at 415-457-4636.

How do I obtain more IHSS authorized hours?

You need to contact your IHSS Social Worker to discuss your specific needs and request additional hours.

I need a list of Care Providers. What do I do?

If you are authorized for IHSS assistance and you need help finding a Care Provider, call the Public Authority at (415) 499-1024. If you are not yet authorized to receive IHSS services, please call the IHSS intake hotline at (415)457-4636.

I need to speak with a Social Worker. Where do I call?

Please call the IHSS Social Worker’s office at (415) 473-7118 and ask to be connected to your Social Worker’s extension.