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The Registry is a resource of qualified Care Providers maintained by the Public Authority. Registered IHSS Care Providers are matched with eligible and enrolled IHSS Care Recipients. We aim to facilitate good and lasting employment relationships by connecting those IHSS Recipients who are in need of care with registered independent Care Providers seeking meaningful work.

Apply to be part of our Registry!

You can now apply ONLINE. Please fill out this short form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly!

The Public Authority of Marin requires that Care Providers be proficient in English with good communication skills. They must be able to work independently without supervision and have prior caregiving experience. Three professional references are required.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an IHSS Care Provider or have any general questions about the process, please give us your name, phone number and email and one of our representative will get back to you soon!

For Care Recipients: Referral List

It is the responsibility of the IHSS Care Recipient to locate and hire an IHSS Care Provider. This process can be challenging, and those in need of assistance may call the Public Authority for a list of Care Provider referrals.

The IHSS Provider Registry is a comprehensive database of available Care Providers who have completed a background check and have submitted to additional screening and training to help assure quality care to the Recipient. The skills of the Care Provider are matched with the needs of the Care Recipient to create a referral list of potential caregivers that are available for hire.