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Health Benefits

Health Benefits

IHSS Care Providers in Marin County have access to governmental subsidized medical and dental insurance benefits. Currently, approximately 220 benefits slots are funded for eligible IHSS Providers.

Once an IHSS Provider fulfills the eligibility requirements, an application for health and dental insurance must be submitted.

Eligibility Requirements for Provider Health Benefits

  1. A Provider must work a minimum of 85 hours per month for an IHSS Recipient.
  2. A minimum of 85 hours per month must be maintained for three (3) consecutive months.
  3. If hours fall below the minimum 85 for three consecutive months, health benefits will be terminated and the Provider must reapply for benefits once their eligibility has been re-established.
  4. The Provider must track his or her own eligibility and request an application packet once requirements have been met.

Insurance Costs

IHSS Providers pay a low monthly premium for Kaiser Medical and Delta Dental insurance. Currently, the Provider’s shared cost of the premium is $152.76 for Kaiser and $20.51 for Delta. These premiums are deducted from the Provider’s first paycheck of the month. If a Provider fails to submit a timesheet by the date needed to have the shared cost deducted from their paycheck, they are responsible to submit payment to the Public Authority to avoid termination.